Inspire Church appreciates the support of all who contribute to its work and vision. Without you we could never do what we do and reach the people we do for Jesus. If you would like to join us in the work and vision through your giving, you can through direct deposit into the various bank accounts and other options below.

Where does my giving go?

The Local Community

Your generosity is used to outreach into our local community. Through various programs and initiatives, Inspire Church meet the practical needs of those in the community through welfare services, emergency relief, employment services, training and job skills, budgeting training and enterprise development.

The Local Church

Your generosity is used to build the local church. Through your giving we are able to see ministry continue effectively at Inspire Church. Each week, we are equipped to reach kids, young people, young adults, business people, mums and dads, the elderly, single parents, the unemployed, those struggling, those looking for connection, those without hope.

The World

Your generosity is used to reach the nations of the world. Inspire Church support a number of missions outreaches including Mercy International and ACC International that provide support and assistance to those living on the poverty line.